RPO-A missile and launcher

RPO "Bumblebee" is a man-portable rocket launcher produced by Russia and the Soviet Union.The RPO is a single-shot, self-contained tube shaped launcher which operates much like some RPG and LAW rocket launchers. The launcher is a sealed tube, carried in a man-pack in pairs. Each weapon contains a single rocket. There are 3 types of rounds for this weapon:

RPO-A, which has a thermobaric warhead and is designed for attacking soft targets under moderate cover

The RPO-Z is the incendiary warhead designed to spread fire and ignite targets. thumb|300px|right|RPO Flame Thrower in action

The RPO-D is a smoke-producing warhead.

This weapon is use with great effect against the beasts. 2 RPO's are issued to every squad of 6 men

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