Fn minimi spw


Fn minimi para

Minimi buttstock extended

The Minimi light machine gun was developed by the famous Belgian company FN Herstal.It has been adopted by the US Armed forces as the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). Since its introduction Minimi has seen widespread service, and numerous variations have been developed. First, the Para (Paratroop) version came out, with shorter barrel and tubular telescoped butt. To save weight, the magazine feed option of the standard and para models has been discarded. This version, in a slightly modified form, was adopted by the US Special Forces Command (US SOCOM) as the Mk.46 model 0 light machine gun. This weapon is replacing the FN P90 with the front line troops as it's magazine size of 50 rounds has been found to be lacking. The Minimi MK 46 uses a 200 round box magazine's allowing for a higher rate of sustained fire. FN P90 is being issued to auxillary troops like supply, medical, etc.

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